Which E-Scooter is right for you?

Posted on August 01 2019

Which E-Scooter is right for you?
Our exciting new E-Scooter additions have joined the Kaiser Baas family, providing you with a fun and economical way to commute!
We've released two Electric Scooters that cater to various needs, but you may be wondering what the key differences are?

We've outlined the specs for each in the below comparison chart so you can make an informed decision on what E-Scooter is the best solution for you. 
Features E1 E-Scooter E3 E-Scooter
Who's it for?
A lightweight e-scooter to cruise between places be it uni, work or out for lunch with mates – you can even fit it in the boot to take to the bach or on a weekend road trip!
For the everyday commuter who wants a smooth and fun way to get to work or zip from meeting to meeting! If you want a bit more power and extra safety features then this is the E-Scooter for you.
Cost $799NZD $999NZD
Motor 250W 350W
E-Scooter Weight
11.3kg 13kg
Speed 25km/h Max Speed 25km/h Max Speed
Range 15km* 20km*
Foldable Yes Yes
Cruise Control No Yes
Removable Battery No Yes
Weight Support 100kg 100kg
LED Display Yes Yes
Disc Brake No Yes
Electronic Brake Yes No
Front Headlight Yes Yes
Rear Safety Light Reflector LED/Pulsing Brake
Front Tyres Pneumatic  Pneumatic 
Back Tyres Solid Pneumatic 

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