6 Ways to Get Creative With a Camera

Posted on October 10 2018

6 Ways to Get Creative With a Camera
It’s a catch 22 raising children in the 21st century. On one hand, we want them to experience a childhood with limited screens, while on the other hand, we know technology is an integral part of our world and being too out of touch isn't an option.
We've come up with several ways you can get your children outdoors and spark their creativity by using a camera.

Make A Movie

Does anyone else have fond memories of making home movies with your parent's old camera?
While movie editing was limited back then, we’re thanking the tech-gods for the advances in software.

1. Come up with a plot
2. Name your characters
3. Get costumes
4. Hit record.
Don't want to hand over your smartphone?
Our X220 is a cost-effective solution that includes waterproof housing, so you know it's that extra bit durable. You can simply hand the kids the camera, let them run wild and capture quality footage.
Editing options are endless, load up the footage and let your kids get creative with slicing and dicing the scenes together, overlaying with music and adding cool effects.  You’re bound to keep them entertained for hours and could have a future Sir Peter Jackson on your hands.

 Click here for our favourite editing apps.

Action Adventure

Got a little daredevil on your hands?
Nothing makes them prouder than having Mum and Dad watch as they learn and perform new tricks on their bikes, skateboard or surfboard. Take it one step further and film it from their POV, so they can show everyone they know.

Attach the camera to their bike using the Kaiser Baas Bike Mount or their helmet using the Head Strap, and capture their adventures from their point of view!
Review back, edit, add music and have them create their own action-packed hype reel.

Under The Sea

Summer is rapidly approaching and there’s no better way to step up your snorkelling game and encourage kids to get comfortable in the water then by capturing it all on camera.
Children have a unique perspective and when you give them a chance to document life as they see it, the results can be surprising. Encourage that time in the water and have them film their underwater adventures safely by ensuring the camera is attached to a float grip.

Monkey Antics

Climbing is one of the best things about being a kid (or adult!).
How great would it have been if we could have recorded all of those adrenaline-fueled climbs to play back to Mum and Dad?

Fortunately, there's no need to drag a big camera around anymore, simply attach an action cam to their head using the head mount and let them loose.

A Day in The Life

On holiday? Or have errands to run? Instead of handing the iPad to keep the kids happy, hand them an action camera,
hit record and have them document the day from their perspective! You never know what golden moments they might capture.

Watch Grass Grow

This one is for the keen observers with a fascination for science.
It's a perfect opportunity to teach children how to grow a plant while proving that watching grass grow isn't as boring...when you speed it up!
1. Have you children identify a plant they want to film.
2. Early in the morning, set up your camera on a tripod facing the plant.
3. Hit record to capture its movements throughout the day. 

Option two:
1. Mix water and a coloured dye of your choice into a vessel.
2. Place the stem of a white flower into the coloured water.
3. Film it as it absorbs the dye and changes the flowers colour.

Use the Time Lapse feature on our cameras and see the incredible movements that your plant can make in a day!

When it comes to filming, you're only limited by your creativity. So let go and see what your children create.
Don't forget to check out our range of action cameras and make sure tag us in any footage you capture along the way! #KBDiscover #CaptureAdventure

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