About Us

Kaiser Baas is an adventure tech company supplying you with the tools to capture your experiences.
Our mission is to provide the world’s Content Creators with affordable, easy-to-use technology that allows you to capture your best memories for a lifetime. We support our customers as they flex their creating skills and develop captivating content, discover new activities, push their boundaries, and learn new skills which led to our motto, Capture: Adventure. 
Tech consumers are primarily driven by one thing - innovation. That’s why Kaiser Baas is committed to developing and delivering innovative, cost-effective products with class-leading price, performance and reliability. From conception to design and development, Kaiser Baas keeps the end-user in mind, striving to provide practical, easy to use products for use at home and outdoors.
Established in Australia 2006 and Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia Kaiser Baas is regarded as one of the world’s most trusted and respected technology brands. Leading the way with innovative, quality products, Kaiser Baas recognise trends ahead of the curve and deliver on our promise to create a complete range of product solutions to suit every lifestyle and budget.
Kaiser Baas prides itself on its knowledge of the channel and its strong relationships with the major retail chains in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, UAE, UK, France, Spain, Sweden, Canada and other markets. Strong market knowledge, design and engineering have driven strong demand for Kaiser Baas products around the world.