Electric Scooters

Our new range of Electric Scooters for Australia!

The brand new Kaiser Baas Electric Scooter range provides you with an economical, affordable and fun way to commute!


REVO E1 E-Scooter

Lightweight and foldable. It is an economical way to commute to work, school and everything in between.
Featuring an LED display you’ll have full visibility over your battery levels and speed.
Commute up to 25km/h with the push of a thumb, then slow down using the electronic brake.

REVO E3 350W E-Scooter

A commuters dream, with a foldable frame, you can get from A to B with ease at speeds up to 30km/h.
Cruise control, a large LED screen and 3-speed modes take the effort out of the ride so you can have a smooth commute.
The removable battery means you can leave your E-Scooter in storage and take the battery out to charge inside.

So whether you need to get from meeting to meeting, or up to the shops for a bottle of milk, we've got you covered.

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