Capture Adventure

With our latest range of Kaiser Baas Action Cameras

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X400 True 4K Action Camera

$199.95 AUD

With 4K 30FPS (Ultra HD) for the highest resolution footage or 1080p 60FPS  and 720p 120FPS with slow motion you have all the options you need to create incredible videos.

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Create Memories

With the latest range of Accessories from Kaiser Baas

XS3 3 Axis Gimbal

$149.95 AUD

The XS3 3-Axis stabilization gimbal allows you to easily capture incredibly smooth, professional footage from your Smartphone or Action Camera. The built-in power bank also allows you to charge your phone while using it.

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Action unfolds

Create stunning aerial shots using the intelligent flight modes 

Trail GPS Drone

$249.95 AUD

The ultraportable and foldable GPS drone records in 720P HD at 30FPS  hands-free with the 'Follow Me' feature so you can focus on your adventure.

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