9 Activities for when you're stuck indoors

Posted on March 24 2020

9 Activities for when you're stuck indoors

It's a strange time right now and being an Australian / New Zealand company, we know what it's like to be stuck indoors...with kids! (Help!) 

The balance between letting kids have fun, while still working in some education and burning off some energy is a tricky one but this selection of activities should help.


1. Live Science Videos

Nano Girl is an epic Kiwi scientist bringing quality content to your screens. She has some awesome experiments kids can watch while being sneakily educated!  This one here is particularity handy if you're trying to find a way to explain Covid-19 to your kids, otherwise, this Kitchen Science series is a winner.


2. The Amazing Race Obstacle Course:

This one requires a bit of set up but it is so worth it - especially if you need the kids to burn off some energy!

The tape is optional but keeps the kids in line as they navigate around the house, over the couch, under tables and completing challenges like 'spin around three times!'

Check out this awesome course for some ideas!


3. Indoor Scavenger Hunt:

Getting outdoors may not always be possible, but the good thing is this list can be adapted for indoors too. This free download one is guaranteed to keep kids entertained for a while, especially if you add some riddles into the mix.

4. Diary Cam:

With all these projects on the go, how about filming your adventures? Give kids full control of an Action Camera and have them film snippets of their day! At the end of the day/week, review the footage and put together a short film of what you got up to using one of these easy editing apps. No doubt it'll be valuable documentation of a portion of their childhood that they can watch in years to come. Best of all? By handing over an affordable Action Camera, you can hang on to your phone without worrying about any smashed screens...

5. Yoga for Kids:
While the engagement time may not be as high, this is the perfect opportunity to get the whole fam involved in some stretching. This is especially great for those without back yards the kids can run about in! There are some great videos online like Cosmic Kids or Gaia for the slightly older one. After a couple of sessions, you can have the kids try to teach you for a change!

Keeping your body moving during this time at home is key for your mental health!


6. The Music Jar:

A brilliant way to start the day, the music jar is a great way to mix up the music - because The Wiggles on repeat is going to drive you mental. Write a bunch of artists on pieces of paper and pop them in the jar. Each morning before breakfast, pick a piece of paper which will determine what artist you can listen to for the day! Perhaps during screen time, the kids can watch the music videos for that particular artist too (if appropriate...!).

Here are a few to get you started: Harry Styles, ABBA, Six60, Billy Joel, Katy Perry, Xavier Rudd. 


 7. Cloud Dough:

If you're over baking cookies, cakes and banana bread - how about DIY Cloud Dough? This soft and squishy playdough alternative only requires two ingredients and is so easy to make.

You will need:

  • Hair conditioner (the creamier and cheaper, the better)
  • Cornstarch
  • A bowl
  • Spatula
  • Gel food colours (optional)

Mix equal parts of the conditioner and cornstarch in a bowl and mix well. Start to slowly add more cornstarch until you can pick it up and squish in your hands. If it feels too dry add more conditioner, if too wet - more cornstarch!

You should end up with soft, fluffy dough that feels like a cloud! If you want to add colours, add a tiny drop of the Gel colouring of your choice.


8. Stay Connected:

Just because you're stuck indoors, it doesn't mean you can't have any virtual interaction! Organise play dates via video chat so the kids can stay connected. Facebook has games you can play against each other when you video chat.

Missing the movies? Netflix Party is a new Chrome extension that lets you watch a show with your friends. The app synchronizes video playback and adds group chat so you can watch and interact together. (It's like the modern version of calling your friend on the landline to sit and watch Full House together).

And to throw it back old school, send a letter! Couriers should still be operating at this time so why not put pen (or dry macaroni and glue) to paper and send your loved ones a card. It's a great time to update (or create) an actual address book like your Grandparents have.


9. Game Master

If you have multiple kids who love to fight over who picks what activity, then it's time to introduce Game Master. Each day, each child gets a turn to be Game Master and pick an activity to play that day. Everyone needs to jump on board and participate in order for this to really work. Having trouble with game ideas? Why not introduce the 'music jar' concept and instead have various activities in the jar that you can select from each day (or multiple times a day....!)

Good luck, stay safe, stay sane and enjoy!



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