5 Easy Editing Apps

Posted on October 10 2018

5 Easy Editing Apps
Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash
Have you got a stack of epic footage, but having trouble putting it together?
Whether you're a beginner or pro, we've listed our favourite apps you can use to bring your creation together.
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1. Filmora from Wondershare

Level: Beginner 

Cost: Free trial and various packages available.
Mobile or Desktop: Both

A fairly standard yet high-quality product that simplifies the editing process and allows you to play with various filters, transitions, motion elements and even has several royalty-free music tracks you can use. 


2. iMovie

Level: Beginner +
Cost: Free for Apple users
Mobile or Desktop: Both

Kicking off with iMovie, this is a great app for Apple users. You can seamlessly transfer footage shot on your Action Camera, integrate Garage Band for music tracks and edit to your heart's desire before uploading to your platform of choice.

Apple Final Cut Pro X

Level: Pro
Cost: Free Trial. A$151.79 for the full software license.
Mobile or Desktop: Desktop

A great transition for those wanting to step up their game in the editing game.

4. Adobe Premiere Elements

Level: Beginner
Cost: Free Trial. 
A$151.79 for the full software license.
Mobile or Desktop: Desktop

A favourite amongst beginners, mostly for the ease of use and the Guided Edits feature which teaches you how to use the software. If you're after something basic, then this is the software for you. If you're well past the point of being a beginner, we would suggest alternate software that would better fit your needs.


5. VideoShop

Level: Beginners and Pros
Cost: Free with a Pro version available. 

Mobile or Desktop: Smartphone App

A great app that anyone can use, the free version is likely all you'll need. It's user-friendly, has numerous filter options, transitions, stop motion and various music options! 


There are plenty of options out there, but we hope that these can get you started!

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