4 Fun Ways To Get Away From The Screen

Posted on October 04 2018

4 Fun Ways To Get Away From The Screen
Photo by Margaret Weir on Unsplash
With the warmer months approaching, there’s no better time to get your children out of the house to explore.
Whether you have space for them to roam or not, we’ve rounded up 4 fun ways to get them outside and away from a screen.

The Mad Scientist

Let go of the need to keep the kids clean, put on some old clothes and set up a test lab…(preferably outdoors).
Mix potions, make slime, show them what happens when you put a Mentos in a coke bottle and then make a volcano, get them to have fun experimenting and allow them to learn while getting creative.
Better yet - get them to film their experiments so they can watch back later!


What's Missing?

1. Go on an adventure with your children and gather 10-15 items from your backyard, the park or even a beach.
2. Once gathered, lay the items out in front of your child and have them familiarise themselves with them.
3. Using a piece of material or tea towel, cover the child's eyes and then take an item away.
4. Remove the blindfold and have your child try to figure out what item is missing!

To increase the challenge you could:
Time them.
Mix up the items after removing one.
Have them leave the blindfold on and guess which item is missing!

Photo by Lê Tân on Unsplash

Camp Out

Find the adventure in your own backyard. There’s no need to pack the car and drive for miles (though this is fun too!).
This cost-effective adventure is the ultimate for family bonding.
Set up a tent, make hotdogs, roast marshmallows, point out the stars and tell ghost stories…without even leaving your property.

True Detective

This one takes a bit of planning but is bound to keep your children entertained for hours.
Set up a scavenger hunt and have them explore your backyard (or even the park/or beach). There are plenty of great options on Pinterest which you can download and print for your convenience. For extra entertainment have them capture the adventure from their point of view by attaching a Kaiser Baas action camera to the head strap mount and then let them loose! 

Don't forget to check out our range of action cameras you can take with you before you embark on your adventure.
Make sure tag us in any footage you capture along the way! #KBDiscover #CaptureAdventure

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