The man walking the length of New Zealand

Posted on January 30 2019

The man walking the length of New Zealand
It was a combination of taking control of an unfortunate situation and the need for adventure that spurred local Dunedin boy, Mike Duncan to walk from Bluff to Cape Reinga. By no means an easy feat, but the inspiration behind the journey certainly hasn't been easy either. 

Determined to take control of three diseases that have affected the lives of his father and those around him, Mike started 3RY.

3RY (Three Reasons Why) is Mike's project to raise awareness and funds for:

1. Spinal cord injuries and accessibility
Mike's Father was in a cycling accident in Dunedin 6 yrs ago which left him paralysed (T4 paraplegic).

2. Prostate Cancer
His Father was also recently diagnosed with Prostate Cancer which has been complicated more by his existing injuries.

3. Mental Health (Depression and Anxiety)
Many people he knows struggle with the destructive disease.
      The solo expedition is a 3000+ km, straight up the guts, through backcountry via Te Araroa Trail kind of journey. He'll be walking up to 45+ km a day from Bluff to Cape Reinga, crossing mountain ranges, kayaking, crossing rivers and braving the weather. 
      With two science degrees (Zoology and Geology and GIS) under his belt and experience as an Exploration Geologist and more recently as an Engineering Geologist, challenge and adventure are clearly two things that are ingrained deep. It likely doesn't come as a huge surprise that someone with a huge driving force behind them would embark on a journey like this.

      Kaiser Baas is supporting Mike all the way! If you would like to support, follow and contribute - see below!

      The charities that will receive all donations are: 
      New Zealand Spinal Trust
      Prostate Cancer Foundation of NZ
      Mental Health Foundation of NZ
        Please feel free to donate to the cause/causes of your choice. 
        If you can’t afford to make a monetary donation, word of mouth and discussions about these causes are just as important and just as much appreciated!
        Links to the donation pages can be found on the 3RY website: 
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