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WiFi TV Plug

Watch & record tv on your Smartphone or Tablet

The Kaiser Baas WiFi TV Plug is an easy to install and use digital free-to-air DVB-T/TV Tuner. Watch and record live TV on most mobile tablets, smartphones or computers (PC or Mac) without the need for internet or 3G connections. For TV viewing *anywhere in your home without messy cables.

* DVB-T antenna reception required. 

For compatibility in your country, please check here first:

Software update: Download software for Windows


  • Watch live TV on your mobile tablet, smartphone or computer (PC or Mac) in any room.
  • Just download the free "Tivizen DVB-T WiFi" App, plug in the WiFi TV plug and start streaming live tv.
  • Record live TV to your device and use the EPG guide to be up to date with what's next on TV.
  • Enjoy digital live TV *anywhere at home, all you need is a power socket and rooftop antenna.
  • *DVB-T antenna reception required

  • Windows App Features - New Features in latest update

  • Recording stops if reception signal is bad or not available for 30 seconds. Message “ Recording stopped due to no TV signal available” pops up.
  • Recording stops when TV Plug is disconnected. Message “ Recording stopped due to no TV signal available.” displays.
  • When recording file size exceeds 2GB , the recording file ends and start new recording file.
  • With the EPG and airtime, if TV program changes according to the current EPG and airtime, the recording starts newly.
  • $129.95

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