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HD HomeRun (Network TV Tuner)

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Multiple TV tuners, network enabled

The HD HomeRun, is a TV tuner for computers, with Ethernet attached. HD HomeRun connects to your home router, enabling you to watch and record TV from any computer on your home network*.

Similar to how a network printer is available to all computers, the HD HomeRun serves high quality digital TV to your family room, bedrooms, kitchen, home office and even your backyard or garage - anywhere you have a computer. With no need to open your computer case to install a PCI card or have a USB dongle tied to one computer, the HD HomeRun makes it easy to access TV wherever you need it.

*For DVB-T compatibility in your country, please check here first:


  • NEW compact design
  • Stream television to any computer across a wired or wireless network, watch up to two channels on multiple computers
  • Twin HDTV tuners let you watch and record digital TV or record two channels simultaneously
  • Rewind, fast forward and pause live TV
  • Broadcast 1080i full HD digital television over your network without reducing picture quality
  • Records hours of digital TV straight to your hard drive, edit or remove unwanted content from your recordings to watch later
  • Mutliple HD HomeRun units can be used together to expand the number of channels (expandable up to 4 channels)
  • Store your collection on an external hard drive, portable device or burn it to disc
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