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DVD Maker

Convert your old VHS to digital format

New version of Video Glide Software for MAC is available to download.
Mac OS 10.8 (and above) users must use Video Glide version 1.5.4 to avoid kernel extension warnings when plugging USB devices in.

Please click HERE to download the software.

New version of the Magix Video easy SE program is available to download.
Windows 8 users must install this version.

Please click HERE to download the software.

The Kaiser Baas DVD Maker easily converts and preserves your ageing VHS video collection to shareable, compact digital data. VHS (magnetic) tapes start to deteriorate from the moment they are recorded. It makes sense to preserve them now, before it is too late! Simply connect your VHS player, camcorder, or other video device through S-Video or Composite-Video direct to your PC or Mac. The provided software enables you to capture your video and its audio tracks.

Once you have captured the video, you can edit and easily burn to DVD or save to your PC or Mac. Another use for your newly edited videos is to share them with family and friends by uploading them directly to YouTube, Facebook, My Space etc.

The Kaiser Baas DVD Maker includes Magix Video software for Windows, which is one of the easiest programs to use on the market. Magix Video allows you to edit your video by adding photos, music, transition and visual effects as well as titles. For Mac users, the DVD Maker comes with VideoGlide software, which allows you to capture in the required format to edit in iMovie.

Easy To Use

Magix Video is the easy to use video editing program. It is ideal for beginners without prior editing skills.


Capture video from most analogue video sources. Connections include composite RCA connectors and S-Video.

One Touch Capture Button

Start and stop recording by using the one touch capture button on the DVD Maker. Captured footage will appear on the timeline.


Magix Video also features video stabilisation, automatic scene detection, colour correction and animated DVD templates.


Create a DVD, save files to play on your computer, media player or upload directly to YouTube.

Mac Compatible

Includes echoFX Video Glide software to capture video to your Mac and then edit in iMovie.

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